Evolution of medicine

The link below is for an ebook Evolution of medicine. I believe most people today are unwell if not chronically or even terminally ill. For our leaders to be unwell can create problems such as bad decisions, even war. This is about a new Paradigm where a more holistic approach to medicine and health is practiced. I feel it needs a viral approach so that as many as possible get to know about it and hopefully demand this from doctors. It may not be your line of thought, but an wholistic approach to health may rub off for environmental health was well. Our finances are a fraction of the resources against what the faceless corporations and multinationals who are opposed for financial gain, can use.


Recovery ongoing.

Further to the story of my recovery I recently have been using supplements. I have no changed to Primal force Rejuvenol and primal force Telo-Essence. These are more balanced and have a wider scope for what the body needs. The results to date are good. But it does take time. PACE is still essential as circulation is how the smallest capillaries are fed. My PACE sessions are good. Peak Heart Rate hasn’t changed much. But My breathing is easier and recovery heart rate is smoother. I also have started walking about 5km. Time elapsed initially, was 50 min. But have reduced this to 44min, in just 3 weeks. If this is indicative for progress I am more than happy. Especially as I am now 86. If you my reader are serious about your wellness and for those of more senior years anti-aging I would recommend at least trying those supplements.

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Solar spa heater

I have built a solar water heater for spa pools. It is simple to make. As low a cost as you want it to be. (lower cost materials) Dimensions are 1200 x 1200 x 100. It requires a solar powered pump with fluid heat at least 40C. and anti corrosion properties. Pump head will need to be suitable to heater site Ground level for this one. Shape can be rectangular but the same basic area. Any piping to pump from pool. from pump to heater and heater back to pool needs to be lagged. Also needs to be as close to the pool as possible. I can supply the pump suitable for this set up. It is small but flow rate is 90 litres per hour. Low pressure. head 2.5 metres. But would need min.9 orders to obtain. Email:-plondale@icloud.com

My History of Illness and Recovery.

This is a brief resume of my experiences since being diagnosed as diabetic some years ago. I have included some of the medication side effects I gleaned from the internet.

I was prescribed Metformin, Simvastatin and the aspirin for thinning the blood as well as blood pressure control medication Which was totally wrong as I have rather low blood pressure. In general things were apparently under control. However in 2010 at age 80,I was getting the shakes, and also having spasms. Went to my doctor, who diagnosed epilepsy. And was given the drug Epilim. Smaller doses didn’t work, and was given stronger doses, still no response. Then I became ill. First flu like symptoms which wouldn’t clear. (Started Labour Week end 2010.) Then weakness. (I couldn’t ride my bike except in the lower gears, even on the flat.) Also I had a fall when walking due to loss of balance and weakness. I informed my GP. But he did nothing except order an X-ray on my thumb. Which I cracked when I fell.

April 2011 we went to visit my son in Hong Kong. I was OK for a few days. Then developed swollen lower limbs, weakness, needed assistance to rise from a bean bag seat. Could barely get out of bed, became incontinent, barely able to walk + a few more things. My son Chris checked for Epilim side effects on the ‘net.’ Found that it had several bad side effects and I had all the symptoms of these. Returning home we had to borrow a wheel chair. My wife, Barbara thought my health was so bad that I might die. (I didn’t.) I eventually cut out all meds and the epileptic symptoms were much reduced, and I improved. But was far from right. Went to Coolangatta. For “Wintersun” (A Rock N Roll festival and car show) in June 2011. Again I was OK for a while but had a relapse. Had to leave early and come home, and was back in a wheelchair. Still incontinent. Totally impotent. Couldn’t get out of the bath without help. The epilim was still in my system. Needed help to have a shower. My wife went to Christchurchfor a week as she had her nephew’s funeral there and wouldn’t leave me on my own. I went into Chalmers home for that time. They contacted my GP who prescribed Nupentin. Another medication for epilepsy. I refused it. I had had enough of side effects.

A few weeks earlier, Chris, my son, had got me interested in PACE, (Progressive Accelerating Cardio-Pulmonary Exertion). Which, though dubious about, I had started, I was also walking as much as possible. But needed a walking stick for safety and confidence, especially on steps. More so descending. However I was having bladder problems. OK when not moving much but I couldn’t walk a Kilometre without needing to urinate and sometimes couldn’t get to the next toilet on the walkway. But! while I was in Chalmers that problem disappeared.

Initially I was using steps from the beach to the street as my training area. (Walking didn’t provide enough exertion). PACE requires exertion to the extent of breathing hard with an elevated Heart rate. At first it was only 1 step at a time, up to 2 min a lap up, and up to 5 min recovery, max 4 circuits. Then graduated to 2 steps at a time . I noticed my strength was returning. So I kept it up. I think it was every second day at first. My son Chris purchased a Polar RCX5 training computer and HR monitor etc for me, to enable an accurate HR assessment and to ensure sufficient recovery before the next lap. After a few months I could manage 35 seconds up and recovery time was under 2 min for 30BPM. (I can now climb them in 20sec.)

I then moved my training to another longer steeper run of steps and uphill sections. Which I still use. Still 4 circuits and walking stick. Could only walk fast and it took 2 min for a full length. To try to gain higher heart rate I used a back pack with weights (which didn’t really work.) Also did more circuits. My response rate was better and recovery rate good. (30 bpm drop in 1 min is reasonably fit)

I had lost some weight and everyone seemed to think I was looking much better. In fact a friend suggested I looked 5 years younger. I was able to run by this time, and discontinued using the walking stick. It was slowing me down. Also had more confidence. I found that I had a better increase in HR after running. I also stopped using weights. About 2 years ago I bought a bike. This was an improvement on running as there is a lower impact on the body and the heart rate increased at the top end, Also uphill cycling uses more muscles and, using the undulating terrain working hard on the up slope and resting on the down run, proved to be beneficial. Eventually the section of road I used became too busy. So I found a safer and better place.

I had not attempted endurance cycling, which entails constant effort and no rests. The rout I chose was mainly up hill with several gullies with steep slopes. First time did about 28km return. The training computer has a ‘training load’ set up and this was in the red in a big way. So compulsory rest for a day. Next time a little further and in between did the cycling ride or ran the steps and also skipped (jump rope). As well as pull ups for upper body development. one effort was 22km out and return. With a lower over all HR and less fatigue. My HR response rate now is very good, about 30 bpm in under a minute. My next goal was Pukeiti a round trip of about 50 Km. Training load off the scale and took 2 days to recover. Since then I chose a different return route as the last 6 km to Pukeiti is narrow winding road hazardous to bikes. I have now re-read the PACE Ebook and find that this approach was incorrect. Have now cut down the length and time for normal PACE work and increased the physical output. This has raised the HR and already reduced the response and recovery times.

I am now 85. Have improved my speed and strength cycling up hill. can ride for 50km, run better and further. I also get many favourable comments.

Al Sears MD, the developer of the PACE fitness method, says it will help control blood glucose and cholesterol, high blood pressure. Fat reduction, is also a benefit, as well as building muscle strength. However the main purpose is to improve lung function and strengthen the heart. It has done all these things for me.

Then I studied the Metformin. This had one major bad side effect. Numbness in the lower legs and feet. I had thought that this problem was caused by the diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy. But I never had these symptoms before being prescribed Metformin. There has been some improvement since I stopped using it, (Metformin).but this problem is not fully resolved. There was little or no difference in blood glucose readings between using Metformin and not.

The heart aspirin has a blood thinning effect which means that my blood wasn’t carrying enough oxygen. It was also lowering my blood pressure. Having used PACE to assist in overcoming the many side effects that I had from using these prescribed medications as well as the even worse effects from Epilim I now have an aversion to using medication long term. I am now also using L-Argentine for it’s circulatory system cleansing ability. (nitric Oxide)

I do other specialized exercises as well. Some for my feet which are hammer toed and had corns on the toe ends, Some to keep my spine working without pain, and 5 Tibetan rites which help to keep one younger.

My symptoms.

Muscle weakness.

Loss of balance and tendency to fall.


Frequent Urination when walking. Like 10 min or less between urinations.

Kidney dysfunction (probably causing the frequent urination problem I had) Also possibly medication caused.

Memory loss.

Very low mental cognisance. (30% on a cognisance test.)

Tremors. Couldn’t carry a glass or cup of liquid.

Muscle spasms and leg cramps at night.

Non-competence. (Couldn’t do everyday tasks never mind skilled work.)

No confidence.

Severe impotence. (Not just erectile dysfunction but shrivelled to almost nothing). 

These unfortunately are also consistent with age related problems, and as I had been on the medications for some years. It had not occurred to me (or our doctor at that time), that medication side effects were the cause of my problems.

I feel I have something worth sharing with most people over age 55.

I have no tertiary qualifications. Which leaves me on the back foot.

My being able to improve not only my physical fitness and strength but also reverse my severe mental degrading. Progressive, Accelerating, Cardio-Pulmonary Exertion. Is a regime which forces one to breath correctly and also allows the heart to function as it was meant to. Oxygen is the one thing which life as we know it could not exist. But due to work, time, and other issues which prevent or otherwise impair our ability to fully exploit this essential element. Even peer pressure has a negative effect on our thinking

PACE gets the lungs functioning much better. The heart has to supply oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body including the brain and other hard to reach parts.  Excess fatty tissue also requires extra blood and heart effort. That causes a deficiency for other ‘live’ body parts.

To put it simply. Work the limbs to their limit, The heart and lungs have to supply nutrients and oxygen to them and the whole body benefits.  PACE relies also on rest between exertion sessions. This is when the body builds up the strength and resilience to cope with the exertion.

One biblical quote “ Whatever your hand does do it with all your might, that your days may be long in the land the Lord Thy God has given thee”.

Put simply exert yourself and you will live longer. = PACE.

Our current belief systems are the anti thesis of this. “It’s alright you talking but it’s easier riding than walking” “don’t exert yourself too much or it will kill you”. “I’m too old now to do that”. “it’s undignified to do that at your age, position in life,” Etc. “My aunt never did that and she lived to 101.” In fact any excuse will suffice.

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